Top 3 Filipino Companies With An Online Business Platform

Almost every Filipino-owned company has one goal in mind: to become one of the most iconic brands in the country. Business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking to improve their company operations and customer service to reach this objective.


Moreover, local corporations that made the right decisions accomplished their milestones. These corporations created efficient and profitable systems which are now ready to take on a bigger stage.


However, what makes a local Filipino-owned company to become a globally recognized brand? Discover on this blog what it took for our local Filipino labels that make way being an internationally known company.


Filipino Brands Taking the Global Business Landscape by Storm


In a highly competitive global business environment, companies must innovate and market their product to attract their customers. So, what does it take for a Filipino business to become an international brand?


Most established Filipino entrepreneurs suggest continuously using new technologies for product development, adapting to the changing consumer behavior, and having an effective marketing strategy. These three in conjunction makes a business grow from a local brand name to one that is globally renowned.


Now, other Filipino-owned companies expanded to international borders by adopting new technologies and responding to customer demand. In the succeeding section, find out about three local companies which now operate on a global scale.


3 Companies Bringing the Filipino Brand to the World


When it comes to globally renowned Filipino companies, most would think about food-based businesses. However, there are other local companies which are now known globally. Here are three world-renowned companies from the Philippines.


Suyen Corporation’s BENCH/


BENCH/ was once a small store initially marketed towards male teenagers. This store expanded their design collection to accommodate young women and adults due to the demand. Its success led it to stores opening in the Middle East, The United States, and China.


One factor to this brand’s success is its embrace of new technology and effective marketing strategies. It advertises on relevant social media sites and offers an online store for the customer’s convenience [BENCH/]. Currently, the company’s main website provides custom T-shirt options, and a can deliver the customized items for a fee.


BDO Unibank, Inc.


As one of the established banks in the Philippines, Banco de Oro has branches now situated in North America and Asia. It offers competitive loan plans, reasonable interest rates, and secure transaction system. As a result, many Filipinos place their trust and deposit their money in this institution.


What truly contributes to this bank’s success is an optimized online support system. The bank’s website not only bears a professional design but, also a user-friendly interface. This helps new users easily navigate the site and check their account’s status.


Philippine Airlines (PAL)


This company was founded in 1941 and is the first commercial airline in Asia. It transports passengers to different parts of the country and international locations such as Malaysia and Indonesia.


Part of the reason why this airline company remains relevant is its positive stance on adopting new technologies. In fact, their main website offers available ticketing packages, booking management, and a flight upgrade system. This makes it easier for passengers to book their flights to suit their needs from the comforts of their home.


Moreover, their website links to their online boutique which offers a hassle-free shopping experience [PAL]. Thus, making it convenient for passengers to purchase gifts for their loved ones despite their busy flight schedule.


Prepare Your Business for the Global Stage


Focused product development, effective marketing strategies, and adopting advanced computer technologies are the keys to a company’s success. Using an effective growth-driven approach to digital marketing, we can create a professionally designed website which embodies your company’s brand and purpose.


Keep up with the trends and grow your business with help from Davao City’s growth-driven online business development team.




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