What Marketers Can Learn From Cavaliers and Warriors in the NBA Finals

For the fourth time in a row, the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are in the hot seat as they battle for the NBA 2018 Championship. Both teams have struggled in the recent conference finals. Some of the best players were also injured throughout the conference series.



But, how will this year’s NBA Finals be different? Why should marketers ponder understanding the story behind its courtside?



Actually, digital marketing and NBA have something in common. It can only achieve its goals with people with different skills and abilities. But, it also bears weaknesses. So, read on through this blog and let us learn why online marketing is like a basketball.



Lessons Marketers Should Learn From Basketball



Do you know that football, and not basketball, is the most popular sports in the world? But, you wonder a lot of people can talk anything about basketball, even the youngest ones.



Just like digital marketing, it is not the most recommended campaign by many businesses. But, you can find plenty of positive feedbacks that it is the most effective marketing technique.



So, how can this be all possible? The answer is pretty simple. Whether it is a consumer or an avid viewer, the most important factor here is that how to get connected and how you may be able to touch their daily lives. And, what both basketball and digital marketing did is to perform as a team.

Stay Ahead In The Game With This Mistakes To Avoid



The entire regular season is actually daunting, same as marketing a business online is also tedious. But, once you feel that urge to compete in a bigger arena, you drive yourself to become better.



Now, how can you stay ahead of the game and limiting a mistake as much as possible? Check out these basketball mistakes to avoid for digital marketers.



Be Less Like LeBron



Picture this. While most of his teammates are celebrating the Eastern Conference Championship, LBJ chose to lie on the floor – tired and exhausted. This is because he pulls off all of his energy to win the game. So, how much does Lebron James have left? Given the fact that it is not over yet.



There’s no question, Lebron James is the King of the Court. He is changing the history of basketball, making one of the greatest players in the sports industry. But, basketball is a 5-on-5 game – a team.



What should marketers learn? If you don’t trust your team or give them a chance to do their thing, you might end losing the game. Always remember, teamwork makes the dream work.



Don’t Be a Selective Warrior like Golden State



Obviously, Golden State has the top warriors of the team in the NBA. KD, Klay, Green and Steph perform the best playoff production every second of the game. But, notice when Iguodala got injured, the Warriors have forced to play with their bench players. On the other hand, team members like McGee and Pachulia became cheerleaders. This means that a lack of wings can almost cost the team to get the fourth title.



Marketers should understand that every team member must have an equal play in every campaign. And, its skills must not be limited to what they do best. But, also, what can they do more to make it better. Hence, it would be ideal to train and learn together as a team. Time will come, one member may not be able to perform due to some circumstances.

Bet for the Best Teamwork Strategy in Digital Marketing



You may be the best player on the team. Or, your team may have the most talented pool or the so-called ‘crème of the crop’. But, without teamwork, your marketing campaign may cause chaos and get fouled out.


So, make use of the timeout given and bet for the best digital marketing strategy together with your team.


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