Wanderlust: Conquering the Majestic Beauty of Matigol Falls

Travelling for a trekking adventure may be an easy-peasy for backpackers. But, for people having a sedentary lifestyle like me, going out for an extreme summer venture can be the biggest challenge of our lives.

So, while most of you are heading to white sand beaches, my travel buddies and I went out for a Matigol Trip.

How did we find this place and what’s in store for us in Matigol can take your breath away.

Feel the Adrenaline Rush Chasing the Stunning Matigol Falls

Sure, treating yourself with a grandiose journey once in a while is one of the best gifts. But, travelling with a twist will be the best experience you’ll ever have. As what they usually say, you only live once; so, you should live your life to the fullest.

Now, why did we choose a different path and hit the road to the highlands surrounding Davao City?

Matigol is a small village and home of Manobo and Tahurog natives located at Sitio Ladayon, Arakan Valley, North Cotabato. Here, you can find its hidden jewel – the enchanting beauty of Matigol Falls. Covered with lush green foliage clothing every hill, this picture perfect scenery has captured us for a big leap.

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So, do you have the guts to push yourself to the limits? Feel that adrenalin rush and let us explore the stunning, heart-pounding Matigol Falls.

Pushing Your Limits To An Extreme Outdoor Adventure

Going to Matigol Falls is an hour and a 47-minute drive from Davao City via Buda road. Then, we turn left at Campo Uno, Katipunan Road and drop off at Barangay Matigol.

You can also take a bus going to Buda with a P100+ fare and drop off at Campo Uno, Katipunan Road. Then, Ride a Habal-habal Motorcycle going to the village for only P100.

From there, we started our 45-minute walk going to the main village for registration and hire a local tour guide. Although it was a foggy morning, it seems like we were walking on the clouds reaching the portals of heaven.

The Tahurogs bear their warmest welcoming smile and giving us their utmost hospitality. Our tour guide “Dodong” briefly explained how we can enjoy the view of this 500-feet waterfalls. And so, our journey to Matigol Falls begins.

Registration fee is P35 and, tour guide fee is P300.

Walking in Open Field Grassy Hills

Our first trail was composed of up and down hills filled with cogon grasses, grounds which started to crack and root crops like corns are showing its thirst for water. Dodong said that there was no rainfall for 2 weeks in Matigol. But, we are still fascinated with our trek as we cross the hills with thick fogs all over us, though it can cost us our lives if we mistakenly step into the wrong track.

Thirty minutes later, we started grasping our breath because of its descending and ascending trails. Not to mention the fact that the sunlight is causing us to walk slow. We took several group photos, selfies and make sure that everything was documented.

Experiencing Trek Teaser Level 1

Fifteen minutes more and we saw a glimpse of a running water falling from atop of the mountain. Yes, it is the most charming falls of Matigol. So, we rushed to finally witness its rapids and surge. But, it was not an easy trek. We need to experience a 70-80 degree descending trail, holding only grassroots and old tree roots.

One of my travel buddies fell down and got some bruises until we’ve reached Level 1 of Matigol Falls. Then, we took our lunch first to recharge before hitting a huge splash on waterfalls and explore its hidden cave.

…and, it was breath-taking!

Stepping Up to Level 2

It was late afternoon when we started to go to the second level of the falls. It was the most difficult part of the trek as it began to rain. We were flustered if we could survive the trek. To make the long story short, it was a death-defying trail of our lives! But, we still managed to reach Level 2.

Our tour guide said that we should stay for a while until the rain stops as it is too risky to climb up to Level 3. So, we took that opportunity to enjoy the nostalgic view of mountains fronting the falls.

Taking the Grand Finale to Level 3

For the finale, we began climbing to our last pit stop and, still, it was a challenging one. Trails became slippery muds, treks became too stiff and supports were also fragile to hold. I looked down and paused, exhausted and tired.

But, when we reached the top of the falls, it was really fulfilling. Lush green trees bowed down to the falls, wild floras are hanging on these trees, which makes me think that I’ve made the best adventure of my life.

Face Your Fears and Aim for an Extreme Feat

We will never know our limits if we don’t take risks. Facing your greatest fears can be the hardest decision you have to make. But, this can also lead you to the most heavenly part of the world.

So, don’t just settle for a simple trip; instead, always aim for an EXTREME FEAT.


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