INFOGRAPHICS: What Does Statistics Show On Search Engine Marketing

So, how was your online marketing campaign so far? Is it still effective or you start doubting whether or not it can still work in the future?


Unfortunately, SEO is constantly changing. For marketers who have trouble in keeping up the latest updates in search marketing, perhaps, you should check out what do the statistics say about search engine marketing. Now that we are halfway through 2018, you could possibly analyse if your marketing strategy is 100% working.


Search Engine Statistics and What You Can Learn From Them


Actually, we are huge fans of search engine marketing. In fact, it is one of our best marketing practices. But, not everyone believes in its potential for growing a business. So, what better way to let you understand its innumerable advantages is giving you the real numbers.


Search Engine Marketing Statistics

Rules of Engagement



To win SEM strategy, you have to play with the search engine rules like Google. So, let this stats be your starting guide before opting for an online campaign. All these are search marketing techniques that every marketer is expert on. Talk to us now and let us help your business be found online.






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