Easy Graphic Design Guide for Business Startups and Entrepreneurs

A Simple Yet Straightforward Guide for Business Startups and Entrepreneurs To Outsourcing Graphic Design Services


When you think of design, the first thing that comes into mind is the eye-grabbing advertisements. Sure, this is something that people usually hear or see every day. But, it is also a subject that only a few individuals understand much about it.


Graphic design has been considered ubiquitous in modern businesses. From a typical campaign ad to the company logo, product labels to website layouts, the list goes on and on. But, as a business start-up, this leaves you asking whether getting the right design services is important for your business.


So, in this guide, know what it is all about and learn how it can benefit your business. Plus, get a hint of the cost of getting a designer and determine the qualities to look for if you wish to outsource your design from an agency.




I. Defining What Graphic Design Is

II. 3 Major Types of Graphic Design

  • Print
  • Branding
  • Online Marketing

III. Benefits of Graphic Design for Businesses

  • Strategic Investment
  • Identity and Brand Consistency
  • Increase Sales and Market Position

IV. Cost of Graphic Design Services

  • Hourly Rate
  • Fixed Rate
  • Package Rate

V. Qualities To Look For Design Services

  • Impressive Creativity
  • Ability to Solve Problems
  • Know the Importance of Patience

VI. Final Note


Defining What Graphic Design Is


Simply put, your graphic is all about visual appeal. Along with creativity and distinctive imagination, designers use different styles and formats with specific functions.


It can be a piece that grabs the potential customer’s attention. It can be as simple as a business logo or as complex as website layout. So, in other terms, your design connects certain ideas or messages through visuals.


More so, your preferred design logo will serve to promote or sell products to connect with your consumer. It conveys a message of the product, services, campaign or events. But, in the same manner, graphic design is often created as a means of artistic expression.


When getting the right design services, you can always hire a freelance designer, an in-house designer or look for a reputable designing agency.



3 Types of Designing the Ideal Graphic for Your Business


Today’s marketing world is increasingly visual. This means that no matter how great your product is, it will never be get noticed if it doesn’t have stunning visuals.


Fortunately, there has been a surge in affordable design services. But, what do you really need?


For Print


Every business wants to be visible in the marketplace and one of the most common marketing strategies are printouts. From brochures to business cards, clothes to foldable fans, all these require graphics for print.


For Branding


Are you launching a new company or a new product? Many businesses often neglect the importance of consistent branding. Do note that your marketing collaterals are considered a vital step in reaching out prospective clientele. It enables the consumers to trust brands they recognise. Also, consistency makes your brand more dependable.


For Online Marketing


Of course, the best place to get your company discovered is through the Internet. But, you must first have a website. To have a great website and content, it requires a good web design with functional visual elements.




Benefits of Creating a Custom Design for Businesses


Like it or not, designing your logo is more than just a visual appearance. It provides benefits more than you can imagine. Here are few of its benefits.


A Strategic Investment


Standing out in the business scene is becoming more difficult. And, yet, you know for a fact that running a business is actually a long-term commitment. But, using a good design can be a strategic investment. It can help you establish your brand and identity.


Also, it is a great way to deliver a message on who you are, what you offer and how you can help them. Thus, it gives you the liberty to express your ideas.


Identity and Brand Consistency


Also, it is an effective marketing solution to build a professional identity of your business such as your company values and visions. Bear in mind that your company branding begins with a business logo. Then, it expands to every aspect of your marketing collaterals such as brochures, flyers, etc.


If your logo becomes popular or your marketing collaterals are effective, it can create goodwill for your business.


Increase Sales and Market Position


Once you have established your brand and identity in the marketplace, you can gain high visibility. What’s more, this can also convert your visitors to leads, which leads to an increase in sales as well. With a good design, there will be more sales and increase in market position.




Cost When You Hire Design Services


Indeed, one of the most critical factors in almost everything you do is identifying the cost. So, how much of an investment should you put into this?


The scope can be for a one-time project or for continued design and print services as part of a marketing campaign. Here, take a look.


Hourly Rate


Most designers prefer an hourly rate as a way to track payment once a set of amount agreed-upon work has been completed. And usually, the rate depends on the prevailing costs, designer’s training, experience and reputation.


Fixed Rate


Some designers also offer a fixed rate or flat rate services. Occasionally, the client agreed to pay a part of the designer’s fee and the full fee will be paid once the project is done.


Package Rate


Many designers offer a variety of services which can be less expensive than paying for individual services. From designing a business logo to website development, every package is designed based on the business needs.


Designing services can be provided by a new designing agency, individual freelancers or established design companies. Hence, the prices vary based on the level of expertise.




Qualities to Look for the Right Design Services


Combined with art and technology, designers can bring your ideas into life. They possess a wide range of artistic skills which they can apply to different design projects. But, finding an effective designer is still a challenge.


So, we summed up the top qualities of the right individual, regardless if you are looking for freelancers or a design agency.


Impressive Creativity


Given the fact that it involves art, a designer must have a creative soul. Apart from following the latest trends, a good designer must apply their creativity to each of their designs at all times.


Ability to Solve Problems


Designers are your problem solvers. They have that artistic capability to make a boring design interesting. This is especially true for products, brands or services that are quite difficult for consumers to understand.


Know the Importance of Patience


The key to long-term success in the design process is patience. Coming up with the right design and attention to detail that pleases a client requires hard work. Often times, it is terrifying. So, it is important that a designer must have the patience to withstand the questions, feedback, criticisms and more.



Final Note


Designing a brand or logo has gone supernova nowadays. It has invaded every aspect of modern life. As a matter of fact, large-scale companies discovered the power of dynamic visual identity. And, no business could prosper unless it has a stunning logo and responsive website layout. So, what better way to do is to find a good graphic designer that answers your business needs.





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